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Custom Wooden House Puzzle

Custom Wooden House Puzzle

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Let your client or loved one indulge in warm memories while puzzle-solving with a stunning and one-of-a-kind Custom Wooden Puzzle featuring a portrait of their beloved home. Hand-crafted and hand-painted, this hardwood puzzle is the perfect housewarming or realtor gift. Its timeless design guarantees endless hours of fun for people of all ages. Give the gift of heirloom-quality art and lasting memories.

Each puzzle is crafted by hand by our artist and woodworker, Kelly. Puzzles are about 1" thick, which make this art piece a truly durable gift that can absolutely be handled by hands of all ages and abilities. The portrait of the home is hand painted and is sealed with a durable sealant that allow this work of art to be passed down for generations.


Wooden House Puzzles are the ideal gift for:

- a retiring colleague or loved one (tip: pick a meaningful building in the town they worked in!)

- a family or individual selling their first home (tip: include the homeowner's favorite planted flowers in the instructions to the artist, or suggest a specific season!)

- a couple who are downsizing and selling their family home (tip: these also make great gifts for the siblings/children of the sellers!)

- YOU! Treat yourself to a treasured memory of a special place or building that you want to forever be able to hold in your hands.


Each puzzle purchase includes:

- full customization and open communication with the artist. We want the recipient to be head-over-heels thrilled when they recieve this piece of art!

- a permanent backer/tray. These pieces do not fall out! When not in use, the puzzle is able to be propped up on a shelf, mantle, or display easel.

- careful and stylish packaging in a tuck-top box that can be used if presenting the art piece as a gift.


Puzzle pieces are typically cut by the discretion of the artist, but suggestions and direction are absolutely welcome. We want this to be a centerpiece that is loved and adored!


Have something different in mind? Always prefered a particular type of wood? Want to custom-create a whole new idea? Please reach out to us. We would love to work with you to bring your idea to life.

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